TORONTO, February 2017 – Donohue Learning launched today Managing Across Generations for Stronger Teams, the first-of-its-kind online certificate program offered in partnership with Schulich Executive Education Centre (SEEC), Schulich School of Business, York University.

SEEC’s first video-on-demand learning program offers practical science-based education for managing generations that has been especially effective in helping Millennials learn to manage up and across generational cohorts.

“Understating how the different generations respond to technology and leadership is key in helping teams move forward, reduce stress and break down communication barriers in the workplace,” said Mary Donohue, PhD, CEO and Lead Researcher at Donohue Learning Technologies (DLT). It is estimated that almost 50 per cent of cost overruns in business projects are due to inefficient communication because the different generations process information differently, said Donohue.

Today’s work-world has a record four generational cohorts battling it out for supremacy. The consequent breakdown in communication is severely impacting productivity and job satisfaction. Workplace unhappiness and Millennial churn are hurting business.

The program was developed by SEEC and Donohue Learning in direct response to demand from businesses. “The challenges for many businesses are serious, and Mary’s insights provide a glimmer of hope in resolving them, based on her proprietary research, data and results to date with many large-scale organizations,” said Alan Middleton, SEEC Executive Director.

“We are thrilled that this is our first fully online and on-demand program, which complements the other great offerings we have at SEEC,” said Middleton.

The certificate program is now open for registration for individuals and organizations through SEEC’s website.


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About Donohue Learning

Donohue Learning Technologies (DLT) is a leading provider of advanced educational support for corporate teams facing increasing churn, issues with diversity and inclusion, and poor retention of high-potentials in the workplace. More than 100 organizations and over 5000 people in North America have used Donohue Learning programs to solve Generational Communication challenges in the workplace.

DLT programs and workshops have been proven to increase participants’ productivity by 11%, and their commitment to their organization by 12% and their job satisfaction levels by 15%, which are key drivers of performance and retention of high potentials. DLT programs also help individuals who must do more with less to become more effective communicators, thus providing them with the tools to reduce their stress by up to 34%, resulting in better and happier lives at work and home.

About The Schulich Executive Education Centre

The Schulich Executive Education Centre is a strategic business unit of the Schulich School of Business at York University in Toronto. Our role within the school is to provide lifelong learning for the development of professionals and executives long after their full-time education has been completed and they are in the work force.

Because few of us have the same job for life, we constantly have to re-invent ourselves, learn new skills and adapt to the changing marketplace and business environment. Today’s professionals and executives must be able to quickly develop and fine-tune personal business skills to adapt and grow.