Donohue Learning + Schulich Executive Education Center

Donohue Learning has partnered with York University’s acclaimed Schulich School of Business Executive Education Centre to offer a best-in-class, video-training certificate program Managing Across Generations for Stronger Teams.

This is Schulich’s first video-on-demand learning program that includes practical science-based education for managing generations that has been especially effective in helping Millennials learn to manage up and across generational cohorts.

This program was developed due to the changing landscape in the work environment and overwhelming demand from businesses.

Developed from Donohue Learnings’ proprietary research, data and results, this has proven to be an effective and course-altering program for many organizations.

“The challenges for many businesses are serious, and Mary’s insights provide a glimmer of hope in resolving them, based on her proprietary research, data and results to date with many large-scale organizations,” said Alan Middleton, SEEC’s executive director.

To learn more about Managing Across Generations for Stronger Teams visit the SEEC website or contact Donohue Learning.

The Donohue Mentoring System: Mentoring for Excellence in Leadership Program
A 9-Lesson facilitated mentoring experience between leaders from across the enterprise.

Mentoring for Excellence in Leadership is an unmatched turnkey online leadership-training tool to grow high-potential leaders by providing them with the opportunity to gain exposure and advocacy at a senior level to support their accelerated development and internal mobility. It facilitates 9 meetings between mentors and mentees, and uses qualitative and quantitative data measurement to customize the program.

Ease of Delivery: This turnkey course gives leaders all the tools they need to enjoy the benefits of mentoring without the stress of developing agendas or materials. Each month, curriculum readings, notes and an agenda are provided to assist the mentor and mentee in facilitating their meeting.

Benefits: Our clients have realized up to a 50% reduction in employee turnover and a 20% reduction in employee burnout for those who have completed the program. Simultaneously, mentors and mentees have seen an 11% reduction in stress and a 34% increase in productivity and happiness at work.

Experience: Donohue Learning is North America’s leading provider for mentoring systems. Our work with Fortune 100 organizations in the US and Canada began in 2012 and the efficacy of the program has been recognized by the clients we serve including American Airlines, Walmart, TD Bank and BMO who we work with to build customized mentoring programs best suited to their organizational needs.

To learn more about the DMS, contact a member of our team

Success Together

Empowering a multi-generational workforce: Leveraging AI insights to enhance teamwork and engagement 

During this course teams will explore the following:

  • How is each generation speaking a different language in your workplace and how this is preventing your organization from reaching its goals.
  • How to better utilize your existing systems to empower team collaboration and creativity.
  • How organizations can leverage new technological tools to reduce redundancy and close gaps in communication.
  • How using AI insights can reduce communication variance and increase team productivity.


  • Participants do a short online survey (Team Communication Capital) to assess their teams primary and secondary communication groups
  • We share the results with the teams and managers during an online (or for a fee, in-person), 1 hour orientation session with Dr. Mary to walk them through their results, and the upcoming lessons
  • Video course – 9 lessons (2-3 minutes each, 3 lessons a week, delivered fully by email (No LMS needed) and 7 micro-reflection questions. 
  • Final Report delivered to managers

Online Training Program

Today’s workplace has four generations working alongside each other, every single day. Each generation has its own modes of communication and relationships with technology. Leaders are experiencing a failure to communicate effectively across the generations, and most do not even realize the scope of the problem and the impacts.

To help bridge this gap, we’ve created The Donohue Method.™

The Donohue Method teaches you the 9 Conversations™ that not only help you bridge the communication gap but understand why it is happening, test management solutions, and understand the symptoms of generational fatigue that are limiting your potential.

In this course you will learn:

  • The 9 Conversations™
  • Your generational profile and the profile of your team as it relates to the workplace
  • How to identify your dominant communication pattern – visual, auditory or kinesthetic – allowing you to shift your pattern to the needs of your listeners

How It Works:

There are three certificates, each comprised of four credit hours.

A credit hour consists of four 10-minute online lessons (think Khan Academy) and one homework assignment per week. Homework is an online personal assessment of what you learned using a situation taken from Dr. Donohue’s mentoring practice.

Certificate #1: Generational Engagement: This program introduces you to how each generation learns and what it fears; their approach to work and engagement triggers; if and how a mentorship program will prove effective; and how to build culture with each generation.

Certificate #2: Generational Value: This program introduces you to triggers and symptoms of communication breakdown that destroy a team member’s sense of value, causing them to quit or to quit working, including how the generations frame feedback, articulate anger, and typically respond to not feeling valued.

Certificate #3: Generational Trust: This program introduces you to cultural roadblocks that prevent trust from developing among the generations, thereby limiting overall productivity, including understanding how to reward team members; what drives trust among team members; how leadership is perceived; and what drives attachment to vision and mission.

People who learn to shift using the Donohue Method:

  • Reduce their stress by 34%
  • Increase their ability to finish projects and achieve goals by 11%
  • Increase their financial well-being. Effective communicators are 1.7 times more likely to outperform their peers financially.

For more information or to sign up today, please contact a member of our team.

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