What We Do

What We Do.

Our Philosophy

We teach you and give you the tools to influence people and win friends. We teach you how to build team, creativity and innovation, all by leveraging your communication skills

Communication is 90% habit, and to be successful in today’s digital economy you need to change those habits, because they are not making you happy. 

With 70% of employees unhappy in the workforce and as many as four generations attempting to work together, happiness and communication levels are at an all-time low. We know the importance of giving leaders the tools to build workplaces set up for success, and we have the science and research to back our methodology.

Let’s change the narrative on how people speak about their work lives and bring the work/life balance to people they so desperately need.

Speaking Engagements

Dr. Mary does not deliver keynotes; rather, she teaches you how to use your super powers in a dynamic, engaging presentation applicable to schools, organizations both large and small, domestic and global.

Dr. Mary’s life goal is to help inspire team transformation.

Rather than telling you why people are different she teaches you how to communicate with others, digitally and in person.  She provides tools and ah-ha! moments that enable you to walk away with something new in your communication toolbox that you can use right away.

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Training & Certification

Companies are losing an average of $31,000 per person per year in productivity. Director-level positions are operating at roughly 73% productivity and junior employees at around 65%.

While these numbers impact the financial bottom line, they also impact employee satisfaction. Our training and certification programs are designed to help improve both financial and employee health.

Donohue Learning has analyzed years of science, research and in-market testing to develop best-in-class training and certification programs.

We are proud to have partnered with York University’s Schulich School of Business Executive Education Center to bring you Managing Across Generations for Stronger Teams.

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