Dr. Mary Donohue: Founder and CEO – Donohue Learning


Dr. Mary is a leading social scientist with a focus on evolutionary psychology. She has developed tools and tests that help you transform your performance and your team’s performance, all by helping you understand your brain and your brain on technology.

Dr. Donohue has dedicated her life’s work to providing tools to people to reduce their stress, trust others more and therefore achieve their goals. Her company’s moral code is to “make a client happy every day.”

Recognized by prime ministers, the Queen of England, and her peers, she is one of the 18 Outstanding Women in Tech and a champion of diverse thought and workforces. Dr. Mary has created turnkey systems for mentorship, leadership training and communication systems for global companies. Her academic research has been published since 2009 and focuses on the value of structured conversations and understanding how each generation processes information through technology.

Dr. Mary has an Ed.D in Leadership Education from Central Michigan University and is an avid cross-discipline researcher. In addition, she is world-renowned TEDX presenter, best-selling author, columnist and television personality. Her mentors include Paul Newman and Robert Kennedy, Jr., and many others.

Dr. Mary has a passion for living and celebrating life and for a brief shining moment she will always fondly remember her time as a Supreme with Diana Ross.

Dr. Mary is an Adjunct Professor, Graduate School of Management, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Please contact us to learn about how Dr. Mary Donohue can work with your team to bring clear communication, increased efficiency and more passion back into your workplace.

What People Are Saying

“I have attended a number of Speaker’s Series events since its inception, and to say yours was the best would be a complete understatement. I have never gotten so much out of such a short period of time.”

Dale Jenkins, Instructor – Research Unit, Ontario Police College

“Through her no-nonsense approach to mentoring, Dr. Donohue consistently delivers practical resources for today’s leader, and she has a unique way to simplify the complex.”

Michael Camp, Director, Walmart Stores Inc.
“We used Donohue Learning as a means to better understand how to work with the different generations in our team, and consequently increased our sales by 15% in 13 weeks.”

Mark Tinnerman, Senior VP, Bank of Montreal

“Donohue Learning was an excellent tool in our portfolio to move our diversity and mentoring initiatives forward. Today, we have more women and young people in senior leadership because of the program.”

Dustin Angelo, President Anaconda Mining

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