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Since its inception in 2012, Donohue Learning has become a leading source of education and support for corporate teams facing increasing churn, issues with diversity and inclusion and retention of high-potentials in the workplace. More than 100 organizations and over 5000 people in North America have sent managers and executives to understand and utilize Dr. Donohue’s GLP system to breakdown Generational Communication barriers in the workplace.

Our programs and workshops have been proven to increase participants’ productivity by 11%, increase their commitment to your organization by 12% and their job satisfaction levels by 15%, the two key drivers of performance and retention of high potentials. Our programs also help individuals stressed to do more with less to become more effective communicators, thus providing them with the tools to reduce their stress by up to 34% and providing them with better and happier lives at work and home.

Our clients hire and trust us because of our expertise and successful track record. We provide them with a trusted partner to work with on leadership learning systems and training programs that can stand alone or be incorporated into existing initiatives.

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